Solar Safe

Solar Safe

The SolarZone range of Safety Film combine all the benifts or clear safety and Security range to a selection of fanatstic SolarZone films. This mean you can now have all the Benifits of Window Tinting while upgrading the Safety and Security specifications of your Glass. This sometimes means that by choosing a Solarzone Version  you can save energy and money that even pay for your security upgrade. The films have been tested to comply with the Australian and New Zealand Human Impact tests (AS/NZS 2208 ). These films have a tough scratch resistant coating and come with a Lifetime warranty in your home or 12 year warranty in your commercial premises.

Security films hold glass fragments together in the event of breakage will also help to strengthen glass, lessening the risk of breakage following malicious or accidental impact.

Glazing which does not meet Regulation AS1288 must be upgraded when changes are made to the building or reclassified for business purposes. The solution is to either remove the glass and re-glaze (expensive and disruptive) or have high-quality and cost effective security film applied with little disruption to staff and routines within a building.

Security film protect occupants and property from severe threats, such as storm damage, terrorist explosions, mob-riots and break-ins. 175 micron film meets MoD bomb-blast requirements. GSA level C and D. 

In combination with Hanita’s SafetyZone security films, Al-Sorag’s WinBar™ products upgrade the physical safety and security of structures to protect them from serious threats: shattering glass, forced entry, bomb blasts, extreme weather, or accidental impact. WinBar installations require no structural change, making them significantly more cost-effective than other systems on the market

Combined solar-safety films are available offering the benefits of both types in one film and are available from 100 to over 250 microns. Film costs are only marginally higher and application costs are virtually the same as standard films.

Window Blast and Security System

In combination with Hanita’s SolarSafe security films, Al-Sorag’s WinBar™ products

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