SolarZone film to meet your needs

SolarZone film to meet your needs

SolarZone film to meet your needs

Reflective Films


Maximum efficiency with the shortest payback

Silver and Solar Bronze Reflective films bring maximum efficiency at competitive prices. They combine a strong visual statement with effective heat rejection to deliver fast payback and long-term energy-savings. A perfect choice for commercial projects.

Dual-Reflective Films


Subtly efficient and pleasingly aesthetic

SolarZone Neutral films provide low reflectance both inside and out to effectively reduce heat gain and glare – with little change to the natural view. They are the aesthetic choice for residential, commercial and retail projects.

Spectrally Selective Films


Feel the difference without changing the appearance

Spectrally Selective films efficiently reject heat by filtering out infrared (IR) radiation, without any noticeable change to the appearance of the glass. Ideal for residential, retail and commercial energy upgrades where it’s important to preserve architectural integrity together with interior and exterior views.

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