How does SolarZone work

How does SolarZone work

How Does SolarZone Work?

SolarZone window film is a self-adhesive laminate made up of thin layers of polyester film that has been modified by Hanita’s sophisticated coating processes to the required appearance and performance levels. When applied to glazing, the film and glass combination have different levels of energy transmission, reflection, and absorption as compared to glass alone.

By controlling solar heat gain through windows, and reducing the cooling load, SolarZone window films can effectively cut cooling costs by up to 20%. Professionally applied to the interior or exterior of the window, SolarZone films filter sunlight — rejecting heat, glare, and harmful UV radiation — yet let natural light in.

Even while keeping the window transparent, SolarZone films filter UV, visible light, and infrared heat to effectively reduce the amount of solar energy passing through the glass by up to 80% for a cooler interior and a reduced load for air-conditioning systems.

Exterior films are even more energy efficient

With 30 years’ experience developing robust outdoor coatings, Hanita Coatings is an industry leader in the manufacture of durable, high-performance exterior window films.

Exterior films reject solar energy on the outer pane, keep the inner pane cool, and reduce the energy that penetrates inside. These films are even more effective than interior window films in reducing solar heat gain through dual-pane (IGU), multi-pane, and Low-E windows.

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