Window Films WA prides itself in sourcing and supplying premium products from around the world


There aren’t many cars on the road without window film of some description these days. Window Films WA prides itself in sourcing and supplying our local industry the premium products from around the world. Our range films from Hanita coatings, Suntek and our private labelled sunset Films not only meet the demands of our harsh Australian conditions but come in significant variations to accommodate all cars and the various State tinting regulations.


The term ceramic is frequently used when nitrate and oxide coatings are used in window film construction. During the coating process, nitrogen and/or oxygen are introduced into the sputtering chamber in conjunction with a negative electrical charge and argon gas. By introducing these gases, the target metal is transformed into a non-metal state. The appearance of the coating changes drastically and is less reflective in appearance compared to a metalized coating. Hence the term ceramic, as the coating is no longer metal with metal properties and appearance.


Non Reflective films.

These film are Non reflective like their name sake but are also Non metalized. Perfect for vehicles where Radio and GPS equipment are installed. These films have become a lot more popular and have also been revolutionised by the incorporation of Nano technology

High Performance Hybrid Film

These films have been the back bone of the industry for over 30 years .Combining a dye Polyester and some form of Metal encapsulated into the film these films give great performance with a subtle reflection. 

Reflective all Metal Films

Until recently these films were the pinnacle of window film Innovation. Combining one or two layers of metal into film and removing any dyes from the film made the film fantastic at rejecting heat and any chance of colour change. These films are still the film of choice when great heat rejection and that shiny look is what you’re after.   

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