Hanitas Solarzone architectural films can reduce the carbon footprint of any building

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Energy & Environmental

Window Films WA’s are the exclusive distributor Hanitas Solarzone range architectural films. These films include the new generation of Nano technology manufactured products. These spectrally selective films offer high levels of Solar Gain reduction without large losses of natural light or significantly altering the buildings appearance.

The application of these films can dramatically reduce the need for Air Conditioning, which is one of the major factors for high energy use in buildings. This has the effect of reducing carbon emissions and thus the Carbon Footprint of any given building.

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WERS (Window Energy Rating System) certificates are supplied on request. We always recommend using installation companies that are members of WFAANZ ( Window film association of Australia and New Zealand) and are accredited Window Energy Rating system installers.

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Window Films WA with it installers partners can provide an AIMCAL/IWFA Approved energy payback analysis program which predicts the total energy savings and the return on the investment based on the film being applied to the building. Window Films WA and their partners are offering this as Free of Charge service for large commercial buildings.

This is the latest generation of report and includes CO² and NOx emissions. This gives the client both the energy savings per fuel type, over all energy savings along with a further ROI based on project costs. This free service is offered to show how effective window film can be, especially with a building that is heated and cooled.